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Beach house in Villasimius, Sardinia, Italy

Our apartment of about 90 (m) with two bedrooms, bathroom, three porches, living room, kitchen and garage, is located in Sardinia, in the town of Villasimius.
The house is equipped with air conditioning, heating, outdoor shower, TV, grill, refrigerator with freezer, electric oven, gas stove, water heater (50 lt), water tank (200 liters), washing machine, vacuum cleaner.
It can accommodate 4 people (or 6 with cots supplied the house), there are infact a double bedroom, a room with two single beds and a sofa bed in the living room.
Villasimius is located at the Gulf of Cagliari and is a popular beach resort.
The economy of Villasimius is particularly linked to seaside tourism.
The apartment is located in the town center and is within walking distance to restaurants, supermarkets, coffee shop, pharmacies, shops, ATMs and attractions.
The nearest beach is 10 minutes by bike or scooter.
There are bikes and scooters for rent nearby, as well as the bus stop for the bus into the main beaches.
This is our second home and we can not have simultaneous exchange, we are open to all offers!
Greetings from sunny Sardinia!

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Raffaele is an engineer and is currently engaged in consultancy work abroad for major construction company.
We are able to have flexible schedules.

Estilo de vida

The breathtaking scenery, the wide beaches, sandy bottoms, the rich fauna and flora, make the coast of Villasimius ideal for lovers of water sports, tours and excursions on foot, by bike, by motorcycle or on horseback.
Snorkelling in the protected areas populated by all kinds of fish and coral, or sail along the coast with the board plowing the sea, will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the spirit of wild and free and living in Villasimius Sardinia in direct contact with its beauty natural and its ancient traditions.
Vast seagrass meadows, grouper, sea bream, croakers and barracuda are just some of the wonderful creatures that make the waters of Villasimius a real underwater paradise. One of the unique characteristics of its waters are the incredible wrecks of old boats transformed mantle marine colorful gardens inhabited by a great variety of fish, visited with organized diving tours by local professionals. Fascinating diving in the reserve of Capo Carbonara, only exclusively marine park in Italy, and the submerged statue of the Madonna of the Shipwrecked near the Island of Cavoli, visited every July for the traditional local festival.
Winds and steady breezes, clear sea, unforgettable landscapes: water sports sailing in Villasimius, such as windsurfing, kite surfing, water skiing or canoeing is a real pleasure, both for professionals and enthusiasts to beginners. There are indeed many qualified schools which soon will help to face your challenges at sea, with special courses for adults or children.
Walking and hiking, riding and cycling are among the popular activities in Villasimius: there are beautiful routes as in peace through the rich Mediterranean vegetation and long stretches of white sand on the coast.
Villasimius is a paradise of relaxation, but no shortage of activities dedicated to those who love the holidays full of excitement and adventure. A trip by jeep or on board a motocross bike, in groups or alone, ideal for live Villasimius with different eyes. The off-road trails in the wilderness and solitary, are a must with great charm for those who love sports more unusual and alternative.
If you have never flown, there is no better place of magical landscapes of Villasimius to launch yourself in your first experience of flight. A Castiadas is a runway where you can learn how to fly planes and ultralights, obtaining a patent in just two weeks. Plus here we take skydiving lessons and paragliding, led by most expert professionals, to live even more excitement in total safety.
The Tanka Golf Club in Villasimius offers the possibility to practice this sport on an 18-hole professional and completely immersed in the nature of Villasimius. Playing golf in the sea breeze while enjoying the view of the islands of Cavoli and Serpentara, is really incomparable.
Unusual paths to discover the heart of Villasimius
Villasimius offers the opportunity to venture into many archeological and naturalistic excursions along magic routes immersed in the sweet perfumes of myrtle, juniper and oleanders of the Mediterranean, or boat trips to discover the caves and the most beautiful sights of the coastal strip. That nature is the true wealth here has always been clear. If it is respected, it is renewed, creates jobs, gives quality of life and well-being. For this Villasimius wanted its sea became Marine Protected Area.
From Simius Porto Giunco
The Simius beach offers the spectacle of the trigger fish swimming around swimmers in the dry that bears his name, just 50 meters from the shore. Bring some patella or some shrimp, and you will see the fish eat out of your own hands.
To find a bit 'of tranquility, away from crowding the main beach, armed with mask and snorkel, and continuing on the left of the beach, swimming and walking for the first part for the last, you can reach a hidden cove and very quiet.
The old granite quarry and Capo Carbonara
From the left of the port, get off on foot along the dirt road towards the sea and the cove of Cava Usai, the old granite quarry of Villasimius. The old brick building, painted red, is abandoned, but worth a visit. From here started the granite with which they were made roads and works in Cagliari, in Malta and elsewhere in the Mediterranean.
Cala Caterina - Boxing Day - Old Fortress
An almost completely marine above the rocks, and into the water with mask, fins and snorkel leads from the beach of Cala Caterina up to the Old Fortress. It is comfortable to wear flip flops or rubber shoes that can be held in any way tied when swimming. Water is essential in the balloon signaling.
Going up the steps from the beach, you can visit the Spanish fort and after the visit, enjoy the sun in the beach looking toward the harbor, one of the least crowded beaches in Villasimius.
Porto - Isola Dei Cavoli - Island of Serpentara
At the port of Villasimius you can rent boats or take advantage of guided tours, often with lunch or a snack on board, towards the Isola dei Cavoli and Isola Serpentara. For excursions you can choose between different boats: from the comfortable motor boats to sailboats fascinating vintage, or traditional fishing boats. To see all the beauty that offer these trips we recommend starting with a mask, fins and snorkel.
Campulongu, the Rise beach, the Rock of the Whale
This path begins at the beach of Campulongu. You can get there by road to Cagliari, turning left before the straight leading to the beach of Campus. It is a beautiful beach, sheltered from the sea as the beach Simius there are waves.
At 50 meters from the shore, there are some reefs inhabited by many fish that swim regularly. A great place for snorkeling.
Cape Boi and Porto sa Ruxi
More than a full route, it's a walk in two stages. Pass through the bushes, so we advise you to bring their own shoes, and maybe light trousers, provided long.
From Capo Boi, the promontory that separates the area of Villasimius from Solanas Beach, walk along a dirt ring that goes around the headland, passing under the tower. Enjoy the scenery and, above all, the silence of the place.
Punta Molentis and Punta Porceddus
Two creeks out of time: beautiful and intact, are a must see.
At Punta Molentis you get the panoramic Costa Rei. Take a couple of kilometers until the sign for the restaurant "Oleander", then turn left onto a dirt road and then right. Go under the bridge and continue. Arriving at the cove, you can leave your car in the dirt, in the bushes and explore the pebble beach and the sand bottom.
If you are good to walk on the rocks, you can go to a cove called "pools": an inlet among the rocks that offers, in a calm sea, when there is the mistral, a great bathroom. Snorkeling in this part of the reef is outstanding.
The forest of Minni Minni and the tip overview
You can reach the forest of Minni Minni leaving the village, towards Cagliari, continuing into the industrial estate. From here it starts a dirt road through the woods leads to the lookout on the summit of Minni Minni. From the top you can enjoy a splendid view over the coast and the mountains of the Seven Brothers, visible behind the village, covered by typical Mediterranean vegetation and rich streams that are watered Sardinian deer, boars and foxes.
The megalithic complex of Cuili Piras
In the municipality of Muravera, specifically in Costa Rei, is the megalithic Cuili Piras: an archaeological site that could make you believe that they landed in England. The resemblance to Stonehenge is impressive! It is a complex of 53 standing stones, carved stones fixed vertically on the ground arranged in arrays of 3 or 5 elements around a central group that apparently were used as astronomical calendar. A short drive from the megalithic site one can see the Nuraghe Scalas of which are yet to visit the entrance, part of the central tower and the ruins of the walls.
The Tomb of the Giants Is Concias
Surrounded by greenery, the mountains of the Seven Brothers, the Tomb of the Giants is accessible from the road that leads to Castiadas and continues along the road 125 towards Cagliari.
At Km 20 before the bridge over the Rio Longu to Nuxedda pool, you turn left. After 100 meters turn right, then 800 meters, then back to the right in an uphill road: after 6 km you reach the tomb, on the right road.
Advancing in the middle of trees and bushes, we find ourselves in another era. Sprout from the soil we see the graves of giants, of nuragic, because it was thought they were too big for normal people and maybe because it was hard to believe that man could build with boulders so large. This Is Concias (heads, in Sardinian) dates from the fourteenth or thirteenth century BC
The dolmen Asoru and San Priamo
A dolmen done just as you imagine, a truncated cone, quite well preserved, easy to reach.
Just take the road to Castiadas and the SS 125 for Muravera up to 59,900 Km. The dolmen is on your left. It is built of local stone, it has a central tower, a courtyard and the remains of two towers in the outer wall. From here you could control the plain and the transition zone between the mountains and the sea. You see even the nearby village of San Priamo, born between the wars as a result of reclamation.
Castle Quirra
It is atop Mount cuidas, in the territory of Villaputzu, you reach the road for Castiadas and hence the road 125, passing Muravera and arrive at Km 79. Here you go to the coast, you pass the bridge over Frumini Durci and continue on foot to the top to admire the castle of the Middle Ages still impressive, albeit in ruins. Built in the thirteenth century. the judge of Cagliari, was the seat of feudal lords during the Spanish rule.

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