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House in Neve Shalom, Israel

We are a family of four with an extended family and community who visit our home often and freely. We raise our own vegetables upstairs and enjoy the outdoors, as well as indoors. Our home is a three minute walk from the forest and we like taking walks during all seasons. In the summer, the swimming pool is open and we meet friends and visitors while enjoying the refreshing sport and sunshine.
In our small village everyone knows each other. We have lived here since 1980, and since then our community and town have grown a lot. We now have about 60 families living here together at Neve Shalom/Wahat al Salaam (you can Google the community to learn more about it, if you are interested) since it is special in that Jewish and Palestinian citizens have chosen to live together and look for a peaceful and just solution to the conflict. 
We are easily accessible by car, yet remote enough to be peaceful and quiet. You can write us if you have ay questions... we are going away for the summer because we have many friends and colleagues in Cambridge, Mass. and I will be teaching in Salem and travelling with the family.
We live mostly in the ground floor. We have air-conditioning in the bed-rooms and we use fans in the central spaces. The patio and garden are fresh and easily accessible, and in the sumer evenings, we love eating dinner upstairs an enjoying the view as the sun sets.
The nearby store can be reached by car, but people are friendly and if you need a cup of sugar or milk, people are forthcoming and helpful, as i all small communities.
We have two units, so depending on how many of your are coming and what you are offering in Cambridge, we can decide on how much space is necessary! 
We can leave our cars to be used by the tenants who stay in our home during the summer. Having a car while staying here is highly recommended, since walking up from the bus-stop can be done, but is a half-hour hike, and the summers in the Middle East are quite warm and sunny!
Looking forward to hearing from you! Ariela, Maurice, Kerem and Tzuf!

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  • College Lecturer and Group Leader/Agricultural Engeneer
  • College Lecturer and Group Leader/Agricultural Engeneer

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  • College Lecturer and Group Leader/Agricultural Engeneer
  • College Lecturer and Group Leader/Agricultural Engeneer


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